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Our current world is changing at a rapid rate, whether we like it or not. The question is how prepared are you? FEMA states to be prepared for at least 2 weeks through any emergency disaster. Regardless of whether it’s from climate change-related disasters, global instability, nuclear war, deadly spreading diseases, zombie apocalypse or an economic collapse. There are many things that could happen that would require us to evacuate our homes or bunker down for an extended period of time. At T.D.C (Tactical Defense Corporation) dba T.D Homes, we have a wide range of housing solutions that can meet your needs during any emergency situation.

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T.D homes can develop and construct any custom layout or plan for anyone who is considering a fortified enclosement. T.D homes has structures that can withstand up to 250 mile an hour winds, to hurricanes, fires and tornadoes. We have structures designed to keep out unwanted intruders up to the DOD level 8-security rating. These homes will stop hand held weapons, break-ins, fires, or anything capable or imaginable that you could think of. All of our exterior walls, doors and windows are completely capable of stopping up to 50 caliber rounds. We also offer options for EMP & EMF protection, air filtration systems, BCN (biological/chemical/nuclear) off grid systems (including solar, geothermal and wind), underground facilities (bunker options), escape tunnels and many other options. We also offer state of the art security systems, drones and other protective technology. Regardless of the reason, having a fortified shelter home gives many people a peace of mind and a chance that no matter what happens in our current world today or in the near future, you can have a place to keep your family safe in the event of any futuristic disaster.


The state of being free from danger or threat.


The ability to predict or the action of predicting what will happen or be needed in the future.


Be strong enough to withstand great force or pressure.